Wide World of Relegation

One of the perks for fans of the Premier League is relegation.  It gives vim and vigor towards the end of the season that would normally not be there.  If you are prone to wager on relegation futures then we have a doozy for you.  Read on to find out what Apex Soccer Betting has in store for you.

Drop Zone

Place number eighteen is the bubble boys of the premier league.  The bottom three are booted.  This year Burnley is almost certainly gone being dead last with three games left to play.  Above them, Queens Park Rangers and Sunderland have some life in them if they can muster one more run.  Whom are in their sites that they can possibly nip and remain in the Premier league for one more season?


Holy Hull

Winers of two straight, they thought they had procured some breathing room with their home win against Liverpool.  Alas Arsenal came in interested and waxed them 3-1.  Now Burnley lies in their wake.  They get them at home but if they do not reap the full three then Tottenham and Man U would allow them to be very vulnerable to a late streaking team.

Leaping Leicester City

Storming out of the gates have served the number sixteen placed team well as of late.  3-0 in their last game reversed a trend where they won only three out of their last eleven games.  Heavily favored against Sunderland, this six point slingshot will serve them well.  Overall they are more secure than their placement would place them at.

So load up on Leicester in the future.  Also in the three way line against Sudnerland, they look really strong to cash in that one as well.  Bomb away on these and your soccer bankroll will bloom in the after glow.  Until next time, tune into Apex Soccer Betting for more Free Picks and sagely advice.