Why You Should Love Leicester for Wagering Purposes

Forward thinking vision has certainly been rewarded this year or Leicester.  This was the club whose seven wins in their last nine games secured their place this year.  So how was this rewarded?  Well they sacked Nigel Pearson.  Chemistry, cohesion, and other elements were thought to be up for grabs this season.  However Claudio Ranieri has thrown this conventional wisdom to the wind.  See how Leicester is beating expectations and why you still have time to embrace them for your wagering purposes.

Putting Parties Behind Them

Talk about embracing the moment after producing.  Leicester took merriment to new bounds when the team toured Thailand.  A infamous video came out with three team members with the locals engaged in carnal activities were the last straw.  Coach and players were gone.  In this confusion, pundits thought the team was toast.  Not only did they circle the wagons but have effectively put it behind them.


  • They get production from players whose transfer fees were low or even free in the case of Esteban Cambiasso.
  • Establishment of a plan and sticking to it.  The current coach overthought and tinkered at his time with Chelsea.  He has learned his lesson and cemented the recipe that works best for his team.
  • Happy style of play.  Remember why Chelsea is in the tailspin right now.  It is because their style is hard to play with little merriment.  This team is the second highest scorers in the league. Players want these chances to show off their flair not only for now but future contract prospects.

Do not underestimate the power of novelty.  Leicester pours out twelve thousand pounds per game putting these loud hand clappers underneath every seat.  Compared to what other clubs pour out in transfer fees, this is paltry.  This has produced tangible results as opposing teams do not know how to handle the noise from the home fans.  This is where the profit can most easily be extracted.  First time visitors to them this year can not simulate what will be poured forth on them.  It is disruptive in many facets of the game.  This cheap solution has us tailing Leicester at home this year.  Follow this free pick strategy for profit today.