Why is Soccer Popular – Is it Worth Betting?

According to a recent report out of Bournemouth University, sports betting is worth $725 Billion dollars per year, worldwide! Now this is beyond a staggering number. Soccer accounts for 70% of this $725 Billion! This number is even more staggering. These numbers tell us a couple of things. One, soccer is by far the most bet on sport in the world and it’s not even close and it beats out all of the other sports combined, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NCAA BB and NCAA Football! According to the same report, in 2014, North Americans bet more than $1 Billion on Soccer and in 2018, after the World Cup; Americans bet more than $2.5 Billion. Again, staggering numbers. The question is, why? Why is soccer so heavily bet on? Take a look.

Find a Great Sportsbook for Soccer Betting – Tips for Success

Sports gambling is an international phenomenon that is accessible anywhere there is internet access and even better; there is no physical, over-the-counter money, exchanging hands. Sure, there is an initial deposit and subsequent deposits made but rarely does this involve cash transactions. Many bookmakers accept credit cards directly and the ones that don’t, they accept credit cards at any Western Union or MoneyGram location worldwide. There is rarely a need for any type of cash transaction. In Las Vegas the opposite is true. When a would-be gambler walks into a sportsbook, they must have the cash in hand to place a bet. As an add on to the hassle-free, cashless environment that an online bookie represents, there is also the issue of anonymity. Betting online is quick, it’s easy, nobody has a clue that you are betting, and the service is open 24 hours a day.

Why Soccer?

The sports is always in season and the sport is easy to predict. Soccer is so easy to predict that many online bookmakers across the globe have set very tight limits. Many of these bookies will not allow more than $50 per game or $100 per game and the action can be limited to moneylines and straight wagers. Soccer is a sport that is bet on much in the style of the NHL, there is usually a three-way line. The bookies do this to add an extra way of beating the player. The bookies must do this or simply not offer the sport to be bet on at all.

How to Use Pay Per Head Player Activity Reports to Grow Your Bookie Business

Soccer is lucrative and can pay huge dividends and it does. Remember the $725 Billion number? Remember, 70% of this number is being spent on betting soccer alone! That’s a mind boggling number at $507 Billion! Because soccer gives the gambler a greater chance to win than nearly any other sport, gamblers bet and as you can see, they bet huge. Bookies the world over are not making $507 Billion, not a chance. They are taking a risk just as you are. They are offering soccer because of the sheer volume of cross action.

Control Your Own Betting Lines with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The Bookies want your business because their business is marginal. Don’t believe it, ask any major (brick and mortar, Las Vegas) sportsbook-manager, in the business. They will tell you exactly how marginal the business really is. There are times when they win big such as on major events like the Super Bowl or world Series. These events keep them on track, the major events keep them in the game but in large-part, a casino makes money off just that; the casino. They make a fortune off the slot machines and table games. This is where the profit flow is generated. Online bookies are in a never ending war for your business and they are willing to offer the player huge cash bonuses and as well, they must stay competitive with their lines and odds. Bookmakers today are offering every soccer league under the sun and along with it comes a huge variety of wagering options.

Find a fantastic online sports book that offers a great soccer bonus and one that offers a wide variety of betting options. Start making money today. Be one of thousands of players worldwide that is scooping up on the $570 billion dollar cash cow. The bookies are not pocketing all of the money that’s being spent. There is big money to win if you play your cards right.