Value in Newcastle United Going Forward Free Pick 12/12


Underperforming teams should be examined in the EPL as to see if they will continue to languish or have one last fight within them.  This is near the part of the season where some quit while others fight for all their worth to stave off relegation.  One team that has pinged our radar this season is Newcastle United.  APEX Soccer Betting is going to examine which one of the two they are and if they are a fade and tail for the next part of their schedule.

Not Settling On Getting In

Steve McClaren has definitively stated that his Newcastle United club would just not settle for being a single place above the relegation line at season’s end.  The term fourth bottom does not even enter into their vocabulary or mindset.  So which side will we see?  The one that lost 5-1 against Crystal Palace or the one that shutout Liverpool 2-0.  This is the issue that linesmakers have a hard time grappling with and should produce off lines for punters to exploit.

Effort Intensive

Credit was given to the shocking win over Liverpool in the willingness of their squad to outwork the other in almost every aspect of the game.  Will we see that at White Hart Lane?  Look at the odds against Tottenham to see where the value might be in the three way.

  • Tottenham -263
  • Draw +435
  • Newcastle United +832

Spread wagering has NC at + 1 1/2 goals at -119.  This is where the value seems to be.  To be spotted a goal and still be able to claim cash in a close game is invaluable with this team.  Bolstered by what just sheer effort can do, ride the wave of desperation and mini success that New Castle United has.  Good fortune in our free pick and check in later in the week with us here at APEX Soccer Betting.