USA Women’s Soccer a Fade in World Cup Futures

Zero zero ties in friendlies can be described as the ultimate time waster for the side coined as the favorite.  South Korea certainly could not complain by the result of this draw on American soil.  What can we draw from the United states women’s soccer performance before the World Cup?  Will this effect our betting choices?  Read on with Apex Soccer Betting as we speculate on this recent development in women’s soccer.

Not Drastically Decreased Because…

A positive out of this is that everyone maintained their health.  No controversy nor dealing with questions on why a star player was out their when their World Cup hopes were crushed.  While nothing new happened on this front, progress was not made with Alex Morgan.  She has missed the last three games with a left knee problem.  She has now fifty days of rust on her that could have benefited from being knocked off.  Caution was the name of the game with her although expect at least the opener for her to get her legs back in shape.

Wamback – Leroux Suspect

If they could not impose their will and convert against the Koreans then this does not bode well against the more physical teams down the road.  Carli Llyod did a good job getting them the ball but Leroux in particular missed opportunities.  Missing three shots in the penalty area is almost unforgivable for someone of her talent against this team.

So after these three friendlies, the USA should be content with their backline play.  They have good chances pushing the tempo but can not convert as of late.  This team is #2 in the world but realistically they might be fourth or fifth best in Canada this summer.  A deep run would be  good result with the Cup coming as a surprise this time out.  Do not wager on the futures for the USA to win this one.  Good fortune in this and stay tuned for more Women’s World Cup discussion here at Apex Soccer Betting.