Universe of Soccer Betting Options for Everton-Liverpool Match

April 20th brings the 226th playing of the Merseyside Derby when Everton and Liverpool square off at 3:00PM EST.  Liverpool is at 14-9-9 and has momentum on their side.  Everton has not posted a win since March but is still a decent distance from that dreaded 18th spot in the English Premier League.  Liverpool is the favorite in the three way lines for this match.  What is the price on the match and what total might come through for us at APEX Soccer Betting.

How Big of a Favorite?

For those that find the bullet points a little confusing or others that want a refresher on most of the soccer wagers, APEX Soccer Betting has a section on understanding the types of bets in soccer.  Now here was a sampling for the investment prices at press time from America’s Bookie.

  • Everton +415
  • Liverpool -155
  • Draw +300

This is the three way line where wagering on the draw can be quite profitable if one can gauge the circumstances correctly.  For those that want less options with decisive results, the +- 1/2 goal options are the way to go.  Here we have Liverpool -1/2 at the -155 with Everton + 1/2 getting +125.  Total goals for this one are the 2 1/2 mark with high scoring expected as the over is -145 with the under getting +115.

Liverpool Home Field Advantage

Home field is always good to have but their dominance over Everton has been everywhere.  No wins for their opponent in the last ten meetings.  Three wins and seven draws might have people peeking at the three way draw in this one as the last three have been ties.  A key for this game is the attitude of Everton’s coach coming into this one. They have an FA Cup Semi final on Saturday so there was some speculation that players would be rested.  Not so as the best will play for them because they need the points.  At 41 points they are safe from relegation so this decision is somewhat odd.  The FA Cup would be a highlight for the somewhat disappointing 11th place they are in right now.

This Injury is the Difference

Both teams have them but one club has the worst one for this matchup.  Seamus Coleman (Everton) is out with a hamstring in this one.  He was by far the best option to cover Alberton Moreno down the left flank.  His speed for Liverpool now is a problem for Everton.  This is a difference maker here.

Draw is the best that Everton could hope so.  The three way line on them to win is to be shunned.  So it comes down to a Liverpool win or a draw.  Home field with the recent rash of goals for Liverpool puts them over the top.  Liverpool to win in the three way is your APEX Soccer Betting Free Pick of the Week.  Get this investment in right now at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next week here at APEX Soccer.