Top Soccer Betting Strategies

It’s time to look at top soccer betting strategies. The worst thing you can do when betting any sport is to wager without a game plan. When it comes to soccer, betting by feel can be devastating for your wallet.

You must do your research to win consistently on soccer. Additionally, there are some other things that you can do to raise your winning percentage.

Here are my top soccer betting strategies.


Small Bets Spread Across Different Wager Types

If you’ve ever placed a soccer wager, you know that sportsbooks offer an immense number of bets for the sport. It’s important to know as much as you can about soccer betting markets.

You need to take advantage of this gift that sportsbooks provide for soccer betting. Try to reduce going all-in on a single bet type for a soccer game.

There are some soccer bets that give you a high win probability. Locate these bets and spread your money accordingly.

You’ll win more bets, which will cause you to profit over time. It’s okay to go all-in on a bet, but don’t neglect wagering multiple bets on a single contest.

Bet the Double Chance

If you love to win, bet the double chance. The double chance doesn’t provide the same return as betting one outcome, but you’ll increase your winning percentage. 

Sports betting is about winning money. If you raise your winning percentage, you have a great chance of increasing your total winnings.

The double chance is a bet that yields a victory if one of two events occur in a soccer match. There are three options when betting the double chance.

  • Home Team Win/Draw
  • Away Team Win/Draw
  • Home Team Win/Away Team Win

The odds are much lower for a double chance bet. You’ll have to increase your risk to see a benefit. Despite this fact, the double chance will put easy money in your pocket.

Don’t forget to compare betting lines at multiple sportsbooks to ensure you win more bets.

When in Doubt, Bet Favorites

Soccer is a sport where there is a large talent differential amongst teams depending on the league. Talent makes an immense difference in the outcome of a soccer game. 

Favorites tend to pull out wins, so don’t bet a dog unless you have a reason to believe they’ll prosper. 

You will win much more than you lose in soccer by just taking the favorite for every game. You will succeed more by betting favorites at the best soccer sportsbooks, but low odds make it tough to win without a huge risk. 

Keep this in mind when filling out your betting slip.

Don’t Forget About the Small Details

Research will take you to the next level when it comes to soccer betting. If you don’t do your homework, you will lose a lot of money betting on soccer.

Soccer is a difficult sport to bet because you need a knowledge of the wager types. Many of the wagers have multiple layers, such as the double chance.

Top Soccer Betting Strategies

Some research areas that people often forget are home/away, injured players, and small soccer analytics. These are the categories that professional handicappers never miss when looking to bet any soccer match.

Always go into a soccer match with a betting strategy. The sportsbook will be paying you much more if you do the work required to place a winning bet.