Three Lions and Real Madrid Rocked as of Late

Across the pond, two teams are going through a down period with their teams.  One is founded in a new philosophy that while successful is not popular with the fans.  On the other side of the channel, England has lost a difference maker in their rapidly approaching friendlies.  Read on as APEX Soccer Betting brings you the latest from EURO 2016 and La Liga.

Three Lions Further Losses

England will have to go into their next two Euro 2016 qualifiers with one of their best and brightest on the medical list.  John Stones has announced that his knee injury has been reoccurring and has not responded according to the medical timeline.  Estonia and Lithuania will not see him on the pitch for their games on Friday and Monday.  In fact, he has bee on ice since a Reading player knocked his knee way back on Spetember 22nd.  While England is disappointed, Roberto Martinez who coaches Reading will hope that this prudent decision will enable him to get to 100 percent instead of trying to gut it out.  Hope is that he might make it back for the Man U or Arsenal games that come up in quick order in the EPL schedule.

Real Madrid Style Mocked

Perform disappointingly against Atletico Madrid and be prepared for the boo birds and critics to come out.  Less than a few months into his tenure and Rafael Benitez is feeling the heat from the home town fans.  This despite these facts

  • No losses
  • One point out of the lead in La Liga
  • Smooth sailing so far in the Champions League

Locals are having to get used to the novel term of defending with the ball.  This was the almost bunker like mentality that the coach ordered once his team got the lead against Atletico.  Tactics that are aptly described by closing the game was not even effective in preventing the tie.  Fans of free flowing Spanish Soccer are up in arms at this infusion of the Chelsea style into their nation.

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