These Are the Biggest Soccer Betting Mistakes

If you only bet on the World Cup or Euro, you’re making one of the biggest soccer betting mistakes. Too many bettors only wager on the popular major tournaments. When you only bet on something once or twice a year, you are not going to be very good at it. Here are some of the biggest blunders soccer bettors make.

Key Points

– If you try to bet on soccer just a few times a year, you are making a mistake.

– One of the bigger soccer betting mistakes is not realizing matches can end in a draw.

Hoping for Offense

Expecting offensive explosions in soccer is like beating your head against a wall. You will get nowhere fast and probably end up with a headache.

Every other sport played in North America typically has a significantly higher scoring average than soccer does. In soccer, a team is explosive if it can score two goals a game. 

When bettors see teams and players that are considered “high scorers,” they tend to put too much value in those teams and players scoring a bunch of goals in a game. That just doesn’t happen. Bettors are even more likely to think this way when a team is outmatched by one of these teams that can score. 

There are plenty of soccer matches that end up 1-0 or even 0-0. Keep that in mind when betting totals and against the point spread.


Big Soccer Betting Mistakes – Overvaluing a Favorite

This happens in most sports and soccer is no exception. Bettors who have experience in soccer know that there may appear to be a huge disparity between the top teams in a tournament and the teams that finish in last place. 

Many times, the most powerful teams will be placed in a group with at least one club that gives the impression of being relatively weak. Bettors will anticipate that the game won’t even come close to being competitive. 

However, quite frequently, these games are actually quite competitive. The low amount of goals scored in soccer means that a team may keep it close simply by obtaining a lucky score. 

Teams with nothing to lose can go aggressive and be innovative in their tactics. Occasionally, good teams are more motivated to face other good teams than weaker ones. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case. 

In a nutshell, there is no such thing as a sure thing in soccer, regardless of how powerful the favorite may be. This is especially true in an event like an international tournament, in which each game has critical significance.

Overvaluing an Underdog

In the same way that it is simple to give a favorite too much credit, it is also easy to overvalue the possibility of an underdog victory. Bettors get too excited over an underdog and the chance of an upset.

When the moneyline odds on the favorites provides such a little potential reward, some bettors make it a habit to look for upsets wherever they can find them. This can be extremely risky.

When evaluating whether to wager on or against a favorite, it is vital to avoid making a decision that is based solely on emotion. Do the research before risking a bet on a team that is expected to lose.

Forgetting about Ties

North American bettors hate ties. Plus, they aren’t used to them. The NBA, NHL, and MLB all play until a team wins. The NFL plays an overtime period in the regular season, but a game can still end in a tie. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Too many bettors ignore the fact that a soccer match can end in a draw. It’s actually a common occurrence in soccer. 

Because ties are much more common in soccer, they need to be taken into account when betting on the sport. This is an especially important consideration when betting on the moneyline, as it is possible to wager on a draw with this type of wager. Not understanding the three-way moneyline bet is one of the big soccer betting mistakes.

When determining whether or not a moneyline bet offers good value, bettors need to consider not only the possibility that the team will lose, but also the possibility that the game will end in a draw.

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Soccer Betting Mistakes – Reputation

Just like in other sports, there are teams that are almost legendary. When one thinks of the NFL, they may think New England or Green Bay. In MLB, it’s the Yankees. In soccer, there are teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid that even casual soccer bettors know about.

The problem with that is bettors will often wager on popular teams just because they are popular and may have a history of winning. 

The betting public will presume that a team will play similarly to how they have over time. If a team has success in large tournaments, the public believes they will automatically have success in the next one. 

Too many bettors don’t pay attention to the changes in coaching, roster changes, aging players, and so on. Then, it’s too late. The reputation and the reality of the situation might not line up. 

When you buy into a situation like this, it can be quite expensive. 

Putting Too Much Faith in Experts

Everyone wants to appear to be a soccer expert during important tournaments in the hopes that readers or viewers will tune in to their publication, website, or television show. 

Many of these instant experts don’t pay any attention to soccer throughout the offseason, which means they don’t truly understand what they’re talking about when they provide their opinions. 

When looking for people to advise you in your soccer betting endeavors, you should make sure that you are relying on people who have the breadth and depth of information necessary to truly be valuable. Many times, the easiest spot for sports handicappers to find those specialists is in Europe, where more people follow soccer. 

Simply trusting an expert because he says he’s an expert is one of the bigger soccer betting mistakes you can make.