COPA Semi-Final USA vs Argentina 6/21

COPA Semi-Final action has arrived for us to wager upon for June 21st.  Good Morning to all the APEX Soccer Betting fans out there.  Jurgen’s last stand might start tonight at 9PM.  The Americans are pronounced underdogs this evening even if they had their full team intact. Argentina has been sweeping most of their competition

Can Costa Rica Crash the Gold Cup Party?

One has to remember that while the memories of the Costa Rican World Cup run are impressive, this team might not be near this level.  So much is being made of the dominance of Mexico and the United States in the Gold Cup.  The whispers are that Costa Rica can finally crack the grip that

USA Women’s Soccer a Fade in World Cup Futures

Zero zero ties in friendlies can be described as the ultimate time waster for the side coined as the favorite.  South Korea certainly could not complain by the result of this draw on American soil.  What can we draw from the United states women’s soccer performance before the World Cup?  Will this effect our betting

Free Fall of FIFA

Soccer has been stood on its ear by the allegations of wide spread corruption.  It is not the surprise that it happened but that the US government stepped in to take over the investigation.  Even their impartiality has been called into question as they were in second place behind Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.