Point Spread Soccer Free Pick : Man U vs Bounremouth 5/17

Utilizing a point spread soccer free pick is the optimal path to profit fin that bomb scare rescheduled game for today.  May 17th will finally see Manchester United and Bournemouth get set to close the English Premier Season regular season.  A suspicious device caused a clearing of the fans from last weekend.  Game was delayed

Bet On Soccer History : Leicester City @ Man U

Few things are more rewarding when one can bet on soccer history or any other pivotal moment in sport and carry home cash to boot.  Leicester City has had one of the all time great turnaround seasons in English Premier League history.  The Foxes were on the very edge of relegation last year and now

City and Unite Battle in the Manchester Derby!

This will be the 170th time this war will be waged on the pitched.  Manchester City and United will face each on the soccer field this Sunday.  Last time they met on Derby Day United came away with a 4-2 win.  Will this reflect in the three way line or will United buck the trend and be

Benteke and Liverpool Going With the Flow

Bravo for Benteke So far so good for the gamble that Liverpool took.  An over 32 million pound investment is nothing to take lightly.  Cohesion was thought to be the stumbling block with this marriage.  Christian Benteke is known for his in the air scoring ability.  Problem was that Liverpool ranked dead last at those

Stoke Scores Big with Shaqiri

Lonely old Stoke.  Whom would guess that they have something on par with the big boys?  With the newest addition to their fold, they have as many Champion League winners as Man U and Chelsea.  What latest player broke the bank but put them in prime contention at the start of this EPL season?  Find

Developments in the 15-16 Premier League

Let us say congratulations to Bournemouth.  A long time coming as they made the top flight by conquering the second tier last year.  A first appearance in a history that spans 116 years.  They will need Callum Wilson to exceed his efforts last year that saw him get twenty goals.  Good fortune to them and

Prognosticating Louis Van Gaal for August 8th

Looking to build upon last season momentum building 3-0 crushing of the spurs, it will be illuminating how Louis van Gaal ill maneuver for the start of the season.  August 8th is just a little over a week away.  APEX Soccer Betting has decided to explore the roads he could take to start the next

Hull Haunted By Stain

  Technicality Stuns Hull Cue Kenny Loggins as Hull is now in the “Danger Zone.”  Burnley cashed in on a favorable matchup in the corner to nip Hull 1-0.  Michael Dawson is integral to those defensive formations but was forced to go off at the 62nd minute.  Blood on his shirt caused a rule to

Chelsea Has No Mercy for Dinged Man U Saturday

Soccer on the English side of the pond has levels of dissatisfaction that we might not perceive here in America.  Twitter has become an absolute burial ground for premier teams as fans vent against each other and even their own team.  Research was done into this and it was found that one club receives more