Bet On Soccer History : Leicester City @ Man U

Few things are more rewarding when one can bet on soccer history or any other pivotal moment in sport and carry home cash to boot.  Leicester City has had one of the all time great turnaround seasons in English Premier League history.  The Foxes were on the very edge of relegation last year and now

Why You Should Love Leicester for Wagering Purposes

Forward thinking vision has certainly been rewarded this year or Leicester.  This was the club whose seven wins in their last nine games secured their place this year.  So how was this rewarded?  Well they sacked Nigel Pearson.  Chemistry, cohesion, and other elements were thought to be up for grabs this season.  However Claudio Ranieri

Wide World of Relegation

One of the perks for fans of the Premier League is relegation.  It gives vim and vigor towards the end of the season that would normally not be there.  If you are prone to wager on relegation futures then we have a doozy for you.  Read on to find out what Apex Soccer Betting has

Can We Cash on Chelsea Again?

Chelsea has to travel to Leicester for what is expected to be a tougher match than appears on paper.  However, we are not daunted from profiling Chelsea again.  We got the total right against Man U and Apex Soccer Betting feels like they have the pulse on this club.  What way will the wind blow