Juventus at Manchester City Free Pick 11 25

An injury to the hamstring area is notable and thus it surprised us at APEX Soccer Betting how many Sergio Aguero has had.  In truth, we could not count that high and had to do hardcore research to come up with a number.  That is what makes us very hesitant in seeing Manchester City advance this

Serie A Free Pick for Milan at Juventus

Disappointment could be dashed at least for one day as Milan ventures to Juventus for some Serie A action.  Since getting their new digs, Juventus has owned Milan at home over the last few years. Finds out the level of this dominance, will it return this year, and what the three line is for this

Chelsea Exceeding Expectations and Champions League Free Pick

EPL fans that live for action are lauding Chelsea’s surge to the top of the league.  For those that just watch the games for enjoyment, the dry style of Chelsea may not be their cup of tea.  However for those that put cold hard cash on the games, there are few better at coming through