Portugal Wins EURO 2016 to Defy the Odds

Scraping by the entire tournament, Portugal wins EURO 2016 to defy the odds.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  This month’s worth of soccer action culminated in a 1-0 Portugal win over the host country France to win the trophy.  The underdog’s chances were considered even less solid when knee to knee

Basic Bet Big Profit Euro 2016 Semis

A basic bet nets one the potential for big profit in the Euro Semi Final between Portugal and Wales.  Wednesday at 3PM EST on the 6th of July pits a new kid on the block against the aging escape artists.  There is a favorite but all the dimensions of the three way line return over

Poland Portugal Bet to Advance Wager Euro 2016

EURO 2016 brings a bevy of complicated soccer wagers.  One of the simplest ways to just enjoy the game and win some cash is to bet on who advances on.  Good morning to everyone here at APEX Soccer Betting.  EURO 2016 is down to the quarterfinals.  One game each day starting on Thursday the 30th.

COPA Semi-Final USA vs Argentina 6/21

COPA Semi-Final action has arrived for us to wager upon for June 21st.  Good Morning to all the APEX Soccer Betting fans out there.  Jurgen’s last stand might start tonight at 9PM.  The Americans are pronounced underdogs this evening even if they had their full team intact. Argentina has been sweeping most of their competition

Bet33 COPA Quarterfinal Predictions

One of the best in the business is here to provide predictions for the COPA Quarterfinal stage.  Good Morning APEX Soccer Betting fans as we have Bet33 joining us today for a look at the state of soccer in the Americas after the group stage.   Argentina was the favorite before the tournament and is

COPA A2016 : USA vs Costa Rica 6/7

COPA America might just fall under the radar of your local bookie.  The man perched at the end of the stool has his mind on the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and season long baseball.  Largest sport in the world and he pays little heed to it.  This is the plight of the punter in America.

Point Spread Soccer Free Pick : Man U vs Bounremouth 5/17

Utilizing a point spread soccer free pick is the optimal path to profit fin that bomb scare rescheduled game for today.  May 17th will finally see Manchester United and Bournemouth get set to close the English Premier Season regular season.  A suspicious device caused a clearing of the fans from last weekend.  Game was delayed

Soccer Betting Advice on Chelsea @ Liverpool 5/11

  Soccer betting advice circles the issue of when to abandon ship on Chelsea.  Sad to see them reduced to rubble this season.  Ninth place in the EPL after last year’s championship had to be hard on the team.  At issue was a willingness to work in an overly stodgy system.  The architect of that no

America’s Bookie Salutes Leicester City

The world had to wait one more day but Leicester City has accomplished the near impossible.  Good morning soccer fans as APEX Soccer Betting greets a new day.  English premier champs are not crowned every day let alone for the first time in a club’s history.  Yesterdays action sealed the deal for this highly improbable

Bet On Soccer History : Leicester City @ Man U

Few things are more rewarding when one can bet on soccer history or any other pivotal moment in sport and carry home cash to boot.  Leicester City has had one of the all time great turnaround seasons in English Premier League history.  The Foxes were on the very edge of relegation last year and now