Gold Cup Free Pick : Can Mexico put Costa Rica to Rest?

For close to a year, Costa Rica has not had a win of note.  A change in leadership has left them floundering as whole sale changes were being adjusted to.  No longer do they have that iron backfield that allowed them to counter attack with impunity.  Now they face the national team from Mexico wanting

Destiny Dictates Strong Costa Rica Performance 7/14

Costa Rica could be put in a precarious position should it falter this evening at 8:30PM against Canada.  The Gold Cup has seen the over achieving nation garner just two draws after surrendering leads in both of their other group games.  A misstep here and most of the World Cup progress they had shown will

Can Costa Rica Crash the Gold Cup Party?

One has to remember that while the memories of the Costa Rican World Cup run are impressive, this team might not be near this level.  So much is being made of the dominance of Mexico and the United States in the Gold Cup.  The whispers are that Costa Rica can finally crack the grip that