Soccer Betting Advice on Chelsea @ Liverpool 5/11

  Soccer betting advice circles the issue of when to abandon ship on Chelsea.  Sad to see them reduced to rubble this season.  Ninth place in the EPL after last year’s championship had to be hard on the team.  At issue was a willingness to work in an overly stodgy system.  The architect of that no

Mourinho and Chelsea Fall Again in EPL Action

Chelsea surviving group play in the Champions League was thought to be a momentum builder but EPL action saw them stall all over again.  2-1 loss to Leicester City that was all too pedestrian.  What made it worse was all the space given to Jamie Vardy. They refused to allow other people to beat them

Can Porto Push Chelsea Out the Door?

Both fronts are near collapse for Chelsea.  At home and abroad, Mourinho is under pressure for his club’s disappointing performances.  On Wednesday, he faces the pivotal point for 2016 at the end of this year.  He takes on FC Porto in Champions League action.  Can his former team rise up and place the advancement to

Chippy Chelsea Still a Fade

We have been advocating fading Chelsea for quite a while.  Their slide closer to the basement is still an ongoing process.  Now people are wasting precious energy going to the press instead of solving the problems on the pitch.  What Chelsea star is now trying to deflect the blame from the inflexible coach?  Read on

Three Lions and Real Madrid Rocked as of Late

Across the pond, two teams are going through a down period with their teams.  One is founded in a new philosophy that while successful is not popular with the fans.  On the other side of the channel, England has lost a difference maker in their rapidly approaching friendlies.  Read on as APEX Soccer Betting brings

Injuries and EPL Fades

Injuries are part of the game that the EPL has to contend with. Combine that with the extra toil that the players have to contend with international friendlies and it is a difficult event to overcome if it happens to your favorite team.  APEX Soccer Betting is going to examine two of the higher profile

Stoke Scores Big with Shaqiri

Lonely old Stoke.  Whom would guess that they have something on par with the big boys?  With the newest addition to their fold, they have as many Champion League winners as Man U and Chelsea.  What latest player broke the bank but put them in prime contention at the start of this EPL season?  Find

Radamel Falcao to Chelsea Enrages Twitter

Even the Copa has not been able to snap Radamel Falcao out of his nearly year long funk.  This did not make a difference to Chelsea as they seek to iron out a deal for a year long loan of the Colombian star.  Find out how even a suspect knee could not derail this deal

Chelsea Has No Mercy for Dinged Man U Saturday

Soccer on the English side of the pond has levels of dissatisfaction that we might not perceive here in America.  Twitter has become an absolute burial ground for premier teams as fans vent against each other and even their own team.  Research was done into this and it was found that one club receives more