Neymar Losses Appeal and Arsenal Set in Stone

  Neymar No Go After Appeal Nixed Brazil will be without their brightest star for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers.  Chile and Venezuela will not get to see Neymar in action after the appeal to reduce a four game ban has been rejected.  Brazil had hoped to argue the merits that the suspension should only

Lamenting Liverpool’s Future Chances

How can one deride Liverpool after starting off the season with two wins?  Compound that with relinquishing no goals and one has to really see something that would cause people to exercise caution on ths club.  Yet this is exactly what APEX Soccer Betting is doing.  We are advising our clients to get off of

Premier League Issues Entering 8/15

Across the pond, those Euro’s like to make some mountains out of mole hills.  How are people supposed to glean which are legitimate issues with their clubs and when the more paranoid types take to the air? Here at APEX Soccer Betting, we examined some of the more compelling items of news and rumor.  We