Mourinho Stunting 2016 Manchester United Chances

Has Jose Mourinho already transformed 2016 Manchester United into this seasons sure fade in the English Premier League?  Thanks for checking in again here at APEX Soccer Betting.  Losers of three straight have the former Chelsea coach facing some tough questions just starting his tenure here.  Are the players adjusting to his style or is

Brazil Soccer : Miss BumBum Wannabe Livens up Match

Even the scoreless draw of Brazil soccer has more flair than most of the other games worldwide.  Great to see everyone is back here at APEX Soccer Betting.  We could go over the exhausting details of the nil draw between Gremio and Palmeiras on September 11th.  Brazil soccer is an attractive and profitable draw at Americas

Serie A : Sassuolo Forfeits Win 8/30

Italian football fans were taken aback with the revelation that Sassuolo forfeits a win in the books and is assigned a 3-0 reversal.  Good Afternoon and thank you all for coming back to APEX Soccer.  Pescara has to be pumped up to have a 2-1 loss in Serie A action erased.  A straight forward and

2016 EPL Start of Season : Who is Destined to be Relegated?

Start of the 2016 EPL has two polarizing arguments.  Rants and raves about who is best dominate the market.  Good Afternoon and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  Also on the agenda is the debate among the teams that are happy to be there.  Three teams will slide off of the EPL highest level.  Today,

Hope Solo Crass Coward Comment as US Bounced

When the USWNT in soccer losses, Hope Solo’s crass coward comment brought the invincible aura of the American ladies to the basement.  Great to see everyone here at APEX Soccer Betting.  Group action had just concluded with the USA team crushing the opposition in the RIO Summer Games. Quarterfinal action in the knockout stage had

Olympic Soccer Upset Potential Groups B and C

Less than ten days away is the debut of Olympic Soccer for 2016 in Brazil.  Thank you for checking back in with APEX Soccer Betting.  Today, we branch out into the other groups.  A surprising level of competition is present in two of the four groups.  Even from the aspect of whom moves on, there

Portugal Wins EURO 2016 to Defy the Odds

Scraping by the entire tournament, Portugal wins EURO 2016 to defy the odds.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  This month’s worth of soccer action culminated in a 1-0 Portugal win over the host country France to win the trophy.  The underdog’s chances were considered even less solid when knee to knee

Basic Bet Big Profit Euro 2016 Semis

A basic bet nets one the potential for big profit in the Euro Semi Final between Portugal and Wales.  Wednesday at 3PM EST on the 6th of July pits a new kid on the block against the aging escape artists.  There is a favorite but all the dimensions of the three way line return over

Poland Portugal Bet to Advance Wager Euro 2016

EURO 2016 brings a bevy of complicated soccer wagers.  One of the simplest ways to just enjoy the game and win some cash is to bet on who advances on.  Good morning to everyone here at APEX Soccer Betting.  EURO 2016 is down to the quarterfinals.  One game each day starting on Thursday the 30th.

COPA A2016 : USA vs Costa Rica 6/7

COPA America might just fall under the radar of your local bookie.  The man perched at the end of the stool has his mind on the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and season long baseball.  Largest sport in the world and he pays little heed to it.  This is the plight of the punter in America.