Soccer Handicappers Crush Sportsbooks

Soccer handicappers make your days better.

Key Points

– Soccer handicappers employ some basic strategies to beat sportsbooks.

– Using statistical models helps soccer handicappers crush sportsbooks.

It’s the most popular sport in the world with professional leagues on almost every continent. Betting on soccer is also very popular and the best soccer handicappers are crushing sportsbooks.

Soccer Handicappers

There are a number of reasons why soccer handicappers are doing so well. If you are a bettor looking for a niche, betting on soccer could be for you. One of the reasons why handicappers are having success with soccer is because the sport is not as popular as betting on football or basketball.

Betting on the NFL or NBA, for example, is more popular, which results in more money being wagered. That means that sportsbooks must have much sharper lines and those lines are harder to beat. 

How else are these handicappers crushing sportsbooks?

Bet Sharp & Early Lines

Betting early is a strategy that is helpful across all sports and it works with soccer. Like any sport, closing lines are more indicative of the expected outcome of a sporting event.

UEFA Champions League Betting Odds

There may be some value found in lines when betting early. We have a list of the top soccer sportsbooks to find the best lines.

As a match approaches, both bettors and sportsbooks have more information. There are injury reports and weather forecasts, for example. All of this information comes into play when making betting decisions. Sportsbooks use that information as well to set their final closing lines.

Anytime you can beat the closing line, you have the opportunity for a big win.

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Soccer Handicappers Always Find Value

Betting early will help you find value, but the point here is don’t simply bet on a bunch of matches for the sake of betting. Don’t blindly bet on your favorite team or on a team with the most popular players. 

Be selective. Find the matches that do offer value. Sportsbooks have to put a line on every match. You do not have to bet on every single one. Wait for the matches that offer the best value and pounce on them. That’s what the best futbol handicappers do.

Watch Line Movement

The best soccer handicappers in the business are the ones that are tracking line movements. Remember, sportsbooks are trying to attract an equal amount of action on all sides of a bet. 

Lines move for a number of reasons. Injuries to key players would be one. There may also be other factors such as sharp bettors wagering heavily on a side that can affect line movement.

Handicappers are tracking line moves all the time and betting accordingly. When searching for soccer handicappers, make sure they employ this strategy.

Models Provided by Soccer Handicappers

With all of the statistics and technology out there, there are all sorts of models that can be used to help handicappers beat sportsbooks. Handicappers also have the ability to create their own models. 

Possession percentage is a big factor in soccer.

Teams that possess the ball more than their opponents get more shots and, as a result, more goals. Teams with higher possession percentages typically win more matches. 

This is something that can be incorporated into a model. There are numerous other factors too and most of them can be quantified somehow. Using models is another way that soccer handicappers crush sportsbooks.