Soccer Betting Advice on Chelsea @ Liverpool 5/11


Soccer betting advice circles the issue of when to abandon ship on Chelsea.  Sad to see them reduced to rubble this season.  Ninth place in the EPL after last year’s championship had to be hard on the team.  At issue was a willingness to work in an overly stodgy system.  The architect of that no longer leads the club but with their place in the league almost cemented, does anyone expect effort from them on Wednesday?  This prevailing attitude has lead to Liverpool dominating the three way lines at home against Chelsea near the close of the EPL season on May 11th.

Soccer Betting Advice : Liverpool’s Season Still Has Meaning

Going into the very late stages of a professional soccer season means evaluating the meaning that remains.  Many players will not exert an iota of effort if the writing is on the wall.  Fortunately for Liverpool fans, this home game is pivotal to next season.  Here is just some of the items in the cards coming up for them.

  • Currently eighth in the EPL and can get as high as fifth still.  Europa league slots are in play for this.
  • However this diminishes in comparison to the Champions League.  They win the Europa League if they can beat Sevilla on May 18th.

So while there will be some caution in the air because of the key game on the 18th, there is more spring in their steps than the walking dead that inhabit Chelsea these days.  This is just one of the factors to look for after reading our soccer betting advice article here at APEX Soccer.

Home Record Dominates Three Way Line Prospects

Liverpool also has prowess and momentum on their side at home.  8-4-0 in a twelve game unbeaten streak.  No draws in the last two helps for the win wager on Liverpool here.  Let us look at the three ways odds at America’s Bookie for this one.

  • Chelsea to win +280
  • Draw  +270
  • Liverpool to win -105

Totals on this are optimistic.  2 1/2 goals is the bar with the over getting the high side of the chalk at -145.  So expect a high scoring game with a lot of loose defense by Chelsea.  All of this leads to the formulation of our free pick for 3PM EST start.

Our soccer betting advice is all about meaning.  Liverpool has a lot to play for in front of their home fans.  Chelsea players just want to cash checks and enjoy the weather. APEX Soccer Betting urges our readership to invest in Liverpool to win at -105.  Good fortune on this Wednesday affair and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer.