Serie A : Sassuolo Forfeits Win 8/30

Italian football fans were taken aback with the revelation that Sassuolo forfeits a win in the books and is assigned a 3-0 reversal.  Good Afternoon and thank you all for coming back to APEX Soccer.  Pescara has to be pumped up to have a 2-1 loss in Serie A action erased.  A straight forward and simple procedure was not obeyed and caused league officials to do this drastic deed.  Find out all the details here at APEX Soccer Betting.

Sassuolo Forfeits

We have been big fans of the profit potential of the top Italian league and have issued free picks like these in the past.  A matter of protocl and paperwork did in Sassuolo.  Antonino Ragusa was a recent addition to the 25 players on the team.  Now two things had to happen.  Management had to determine who would be dropped so Ragusa could join them and they had to file the necessary paperwork to notify the league.  Noon of the day of the match came and went without its filing.  He played about 20 minutes at the end of the game.  All this in combination caused this forfeiture to take place.

Hold On

Sassuolo ownership and front office are sticking to their guns saying they did give proper notice.  This can be appealed and the event could be put back in their favor with a 2-1 win if they are successful.  Pescara had no part in the appeal process as this was all the action and desire of the league office.

This is just one of the important reasons to put APEX Soccer in that bookmark folder.  Reversals like this are uncommon but not unheard of.  Contact your sportsbook if you had a wager in this game for the proper action to be taken place.  Good fortune to you today and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer.