Transfer windows usually extol those that procured the prize.  Failures are usually put down to not having enough money in reserve to pry the player loose.  On today’s edition of APEX, we look at two cases where the cat did not catch the mouse.  First off we go to one of England’s biggest stars and his refusal to leave Everton for green pastures in his earlier years.

Wayne Rooney Knew of Loyalty

A love of the area and a fan of the the club was enough to keep Wayne happier in his earlier days.  For four years, Old Trafford made runs at the youngster all the way until he was sixteen.  Those that had scouting talent had a hunch that Wayne would be  star.  Eventually he would make his way to United.  In the process he is about to set records for scoring both at the club level and for the national team.  How different it could have all been if Sir Alex Ferguson could have got his man early on.

Chelsea in Trouble?

They did little in the transfer moves but it was not the fault of a tight wallet.  With their defense still shaky, they went far and wide to get help at all positions from all fronts.  They even went to Seire A to get Paul Pogba.  The Italian team was all set to accept the 62 million mark for the transfer.  However, Paul but a stop to this and refused to go.  This had another effect that went beyond the intended course of action.  John Obi Mikel was all set to go to Besiktas because it was nixed out of hand because of this deal.  Unfortunate on all accounts this story is.

Every years has new transfer stories.  Most involve going to your favorite pub to raise a glass to whom the club got.   On the rarer side of things, the players that got away lead to a more interesting form of speculation.  Good fortune to your EPL wagering this weekend and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.