Rio Olympics : Brazil Boom or Bust?

Rio Olympics is less than one month away and this gives us one last summer tournament before domestic leagues begin anew. Good Afternoon and thank you for visiting us at APEX Soccer Betting.  To start off our extended look at the 2016 Summer Games, we will take a peek at the host nation.  Brazil flamed out in grand fashion at COPA.  They are in danger of slipping out of the top ten for FIFA Rankings.  Can they use home soil advantage to resurrect one of the most powerful soccer programs in the world?

Rio Olympics : Group A

Host nations are given the one slot in Group A.  This allows them to get the first game of the tournament to get the locals stirred up for the event.  Let us look at the other three nations they will be competing against in the group stage.

  • Denmark
  • Iraq
  • South Africa

Well Denmark should provide a stern barometer to where the host nation is at.  Iraq had an upset of the US decades ago but not much of note.  South Africa had those giant kazoos when they hosted the World Cup.  The first thing we have to address is the elephant in the room.  For all their prowess, Brazil has never won Olympic gold in soccer on the men’s side.  The one real jewel missing from their soccer crown.


Neymar will be present for the team so this makes them much better than the COPA version.  In goal, they have made an odd choice.  Fernando Prass does not have an international CAP yet is there starting goalie at 38.  This stage of play is ideal for him to get his bearings.  Brazil has only lost once combined against these three countries.  Chances are that the host nation will be in the top two to advance to the knockout stage.

Little will be answered in Group A play.  Brazil and Denmark will advance.  The amounts that they whitewash Iraq and South Africa matter little.  Do your homework, bet the futures, and hope for a good seed in the knockout stage for Brazil.  Good fortune and we will look at some other groupings next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.