Reading Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer betting odds can be complicated, let’s learn a little.

Key Points

– There are numerous ways to bet on soccer.

– Because of the lack of scoring and the potential for ties, betting on soccer is a little different than other sports.

Soccer, or futbol as it is known around the globe, is the world’s game. There are numerous professional soccer leagues around the world and, as a result, there are plenty of opportunities to bet. 

Betting on soccer can be a little bit different though than the typical Big 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) in North America. There are all sorts of different bets and learning to bet soccer can take some time. 

It helps initially to understand how to read soccer betting odds.

Soccer Odds – Betting the Spread

Betting the point spread in soccer is much like doing so in hockey. Because there isn’t as much scoring in soccer (or hockey), bettors can wager on the goal line (the puck line in hockey).

A goal line is typically set at 0.5, but there are occasions where a big favorite could push a goal line to 1.5 or even 2.5. Here’s an example.

Argentina -0.5 (+110)

Brazil +0.5 (-110)

Here, Argentina is favored over Brazil. The favorite would have to win by at least one goal in order for a bet on Argentina to win. As with any sport, the sportsbook takes its “juice” represented by the +110 and -110. In this case, a bettor places $100 on Argentina and if they win, he wins $110.


Betting Soccer Totals

Here’s where soccer betting odds can get interesting. Betting soccer totals is different from other sports. Again, scoring is scarce and because of that oddsmakers will set match totals in increments of 0.25. Typical soccer totals are 2.25, 2.50, and 2.75.

When you place a soccer totals bet, your bet is divided in half. Let’s use the following example:

Argentina O 2.5 (-110)

Brazil U 2.5 (-110)

The total here, of course, is 2.5. Half of your bet is placed on Over 2 with the other half on Over 2.5. A final score of 1-1 would result in one bet (Over 2.5) losing and the other (Over 2) a push. If the final score was 2-1, both halves of the bet win.

Soccer Moneylines Odds

Bettors can also bet on soccer moneylines. There are two-way and three-way moneyline bets in soccer. The likelihood of a draw in soccer is greater than in other sports and moneyline bets can account for that.

All soccer moneyline bets are based on the 90 minutes of regulation play. They do not factor in any extra time. 

Two-way moneyline bets are the Double Chance and Draw No Bet. Double Chance is where a bettor wagers on a team to win or draw since there are three possible outcomes. These are:

Lets say Team A wins or draws

Or: Team B wins or draws

Team A or Team B wins

The Draw No Bet wager simply eliminates the draw. A tie would result in a push as in other sports. This bet would look familiar to bettors as it looks like a moneyline bet in any other sport.

Brazil +155

Argentina -215

Using our same teams from above, this is a Draw No Bet wager in soccer. 

Soccer bettors can also bet a three-way moneyline. With three results possible, the three-way moneyline would look like this:

Argentina +130

Brazil +255

Draw +230

Remember, only the first 90 minutes count. If you bet $100 on the draw and the score was tied 1-1 after 90 minutes, you’d win $230.

There are numerous ways to bet on soccer. Betting on point spreads, moneylines, and totals begins by simply understanding how to read the odds.