Radamel Falcao to Chelsea Enrages Twitter

Even the Copa has not been able to snap Radamel Falcao out of his nearly year long funk.  This did not make a difference to Chelsea as they seek to iron out a deal for a year long loan of the Colombian star.  Find out how even a suspect knee could not derail this deal from going down.  Also we look at the Twitterquake and find out what opinions are flying out from both sides on these rumors.

I Spent Last Year Laughing at Him

Even those who loved to ride him when he played against them are suddenly changing their tune now that he is set to go to Chelsea.  This is the spur that will get El Tigre back to his personal glory.  Opinions were numerous that he has what it takes to be the Premier Legaue’s top scorer next year.  One lone voice of semi reason was willing to put up to shut up the din brewing.  He offered his hair if he scores twenty or more goals next year.  Can Jose Mourino coax the closer out of him once again?

Litany of Flops?

Concern is that Chelsea has been enamored of late into taking reclamation projects that do not work.  Torres and Shevchenko are just two of those that could not find success even there.  Now Falcao gets to try his luck for many millions.  Finally, is this a small attempt at an ego boost?  To see if Mourino could do something that even Van Gaal could not accomplish?

He will have another chance to regain his aggressiveness that he once had at Aletico.  Some even speculate that he has fallen off the world class pace.  This will be final confirmation if that horrible knee injury really finished him off or that he can rise from it.  Twitter is the perfect outlet for soccer fans as the winds change quickly among the punters.  Stay tuned to Apex Soccer Betting as we tail Chelsea and see how good they can be with this new transfer soon to be in their pocket.