Prognosticating Louis Van Gaal for August 8th

Looking to build upon last season momentum building 3-0 crushing of the spurs, it will be illuminating how Louis van Gaal ill maneuver for the start of the season.  August 8th is just a little over a week away.  APEX Soccer Betting has decided to explore the roads he could take to start the next Premier League.  What changes might be introduced by him against Tottenham Hotspur this time around?

Nurturing Confidence

Paris Saint-Germain and the loss he suffered to them could have caused less experienced minds to panic.  However he is staying the course.  Here are some of the players he indicated that will have starting roles.

  • Daley Blind
  • Luke Shaw
  • Mateo Darmian

If we instill past patterns as future predictors then the starting lineup begins to fill itself.  If you presence was picked consistently then you are going to get first team playing minutes.  Even after all of this, there are some elements that we are going to be kept in the dark on.

Issues Remaining?

Midfield formations are going to be more reactionary on his part than usual.  In part because the world has to wait for what United brings in.  David De Gea is a substantial question mark at goal.  Some even speculate he will be shipped.  Will he be hesitant to infuse an element of youth to develop during the season.  He is a master at moving his pieces but this team could suffer with late season additions that dont have Louis’ blessing.


No matter what, the season is almost underway.  Stay tuned to Apex Soccer Betting to see more of what is arriving for our wagering speculation in the Premier League.