Premier League Issues Entering 8/15

Across the pond, those Euro’s like to make some mountains out of mole hills.  How are people supposed to glean which are legitimate issues with their clubs and when the more paranoid types take to the air? Here at APEX Soccer Betting, we examined some of the more compelling items of news and rumor.  We sifted through the panic to pan for the gold among social media and other outlets.  The following is what we think is more relevant about the EPL entering action for 8/15.

Rooney on an Island

Fans and critics were both correct in wondering why Wayne was essentially left on an island during a 1-0 win over the Spurs last time out.  It is not necessarily the wrong move but that it did not come with a more compelling case for action.  When phasing out a player of Rooney’s magnitude, it helps if the club had a course that would excite the fans.  What the world saw were players lost in thought.  Patient to a fault and not having much potency in attack, the correct move has been met will be met with catcalls until United can come up with a more attacking brand of play.

Some of the Useless Items

  • Mourinho is becoming a distraction.  He has earned his accolades but now is going to far. His confrontation and scowls at medical trap are the result of mostly self induced pressure.  Chelsea will start playing to the level of his fear if he can not control himself more. Interesting but more banter that is bark than bite.
  • Sky is falling Arsenal fans.  Their world is so full of panic when West Ham shut them out.  Okay it was a disappointment but it is far to early in the campaign for all the social media blasts coming there way. Too much emphasis on the Crystal Palace game for the fans.  It is the old risk/reward system.  Never happy when they dispatch those they should and any little blip the world is falling.  Fortunate that the team and coach will not panic to this pressure.  Look for Arsenal to win in the three line wagering this weekend.

So here we go with weekend wagering.  Arsenal will come back in big way after their 0-2 drubbing at the hands of West Ham.  Look for the over in the United campaign in their team totals to score as well.  Good fortune with our free picks and we will see you next time here at Apex Soccer Betting.