Power Wielded by Players This Week

Making hay while the sun shines was the ultimate in time management in ancient times.  The three subjects in this piece are doing this right now in the world of international soccer.  Each has determined they are in a position of power and are not shy about using it.  Read on, to see which teams are having to dig deeper to get their treasured players for the next season.

Nicolas Otamendi in Driver’s Seat

When Valencia puts out there for the record that they are going to do their best in retaining Nicolas this summer, the defense man is in a very favorable spot.  He has had a great season and has teams from all across Europe knocking at his door.  He is under ink until 2019 and has a fifty million euro buyout clause and this has still not hindered the courtships from happening. Nico has not come out either way to the rumors of Valencia offering him more money to up the buyout clause.  As soon as the season ends, this will be one of the more interesting stories to develop this summer.

Jack Grealish Also Asserting Power

Aston Villa has a young stud under wraps named Jack Grealish.  He is highly coveted for the next round of international play.  Ireland can call him up as well as England.  This is what the Republic was going to do when they tip their hat and said they would do so.  However, he has made it known he would not accept and on Tuesday afternoon, the thirty three man roster reflected his absence.  Coveted by both sides, he has deciding to maximize his influence by waiting until the end of his season before even thinking of declaring, he has shown a tough nut to crack in this negotiation.

Lastly, Yoshinori Muto has decided to not go to Chelsea after all.  A four million euro contract was not enough to pique his interest.  He has his sites on the mainland with the Bundesliga now his home.  Mainz will see him join a familiar face in Shinji Okazaki.  Issues of playing time and work permits were key facets of his final destination.  Follow Apex Soccer Betting later this week with more news on soccer from around the world.  Good fortune and we will see you later.