Portugal Wins EURO 2016 to Defy the Odds

Scraping by the entire tournament, Portugal wins EURO 2016 to defy the odds.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  This month’s worth of soccer action culminated in a 1-0 Portugal win over the host country France to win the trophy.  The underdog’s chances were considered even less solid when knee to knee contact caused Ronaldo to have to come out of the game in the first half.  Let us look back at the game and how even without one of the best players in the world, Portugal paid off for those who railed for them on Sunday the 10th of July.

Portugal Wins : Bid One’s Time

France dictated most of the play in regulation time.  Several stellar chances from the home team but mostly the French suffered from ultra possession.  They tried to play risk adverse soccer.  Instead, they should have gone for creating imbalances.  This is especially true since Portugal lost Ronaldo in the first half and would have to burn a sub for him early on.  With Portugal on their heels, they dug in and held of for counter attacking chances.  They utilized the strategy used to defy the odds in this article on Poland vs Portugal earlier in the knockout stage.

Eder Finally Achieves

Considered an afterthought even by his own nation, Eder had floundered in International play.  A few goals in 28 games, he had a reputation of not being a finisher.  Part of that is truth and the rest playing on a team where their star coveted most of the chances.  When he went down, Eder went to work.  Late in the second set of the extra 15 minutes, he would score a wonderful strike from far outside the box.  One of the most unlikely heroes on the pitch, scored the only goal to provide the difference between these two nations.

This is just some of the value that betting on soccer provides the prepared mind.  Working the scenarios and digging to see which team has difference makers deep on their bench.  Those that went with Portugal even in the Quarterfinal stage where rewarded with a 6 to 1 return on their futures.  Congratulations to them and the wise that profited from their prudence with their picks.  Good fortune this week and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.