Poland Portugal Bet to Advance Wager Euro 2016

EURO 2016 brings a bevy of complicated soccer wagers.  One of the simplest ways to just enjoy the game and win some cash is to bet on who advances on.  Good morning to everyone here at APEX Soccer Betting.  EURO 2016 is down to the quarterfinals.  One game each day starting on Thursday the 30th.  Portugal and Poland lead off the action.  Find out whom is the favorite and which way to invest with our free pick at Americas Bookie today.

Bet to Advance Wager

Three way lines have slightly elevated profit rates but adds the additional element of the draw into the 90 minutes plus stoppage time.  To advance means just that.  At the end of the day, which country stays in France.  Current line as of press time at America’s Bookie is

  • Portugal -175
  • Poland +145

So is it pedigree and star power the reasons why Portugal is the favorite.  This is the team that tied all their group games.  They did beat a quality Croatia team to get to this point.  Now they get to face a Poland team that is excelling in many ways but might not be in the most important of all.

Lewandowksi is Lackluster

Almost all cylinders have been firing on the defensive side of the ball for Poland.  Zero goals allowed in group stage.  Only that out of the world bicycle kick by the Swiss player is the only concession they have made.  Now if only they can get their star going.  Lewandowski is a stud striker of Bayern Munich fame.  He has been slow and rather lethargic in this EURO event.  If they can get him going then the Poles could actually cruise into the semi finals.

With that last statement, one can tell where we are going with our free pick.  Portugal is past their prime with an aging superstar.  Poland is energetic and have a defensive wall.  Look for them to advance is better than taking a chance on draw or win in the three way line.  Game starts at 3PM on June 30th so get those wagers and deposits into Americas Bookie right now.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.