Pay Per Head Soccer Software

Pay per head soccer software will benefit both you and your clients.

Key Points

– There are numerous pay per head services for soccer in the market.

– Choosing a pay per head soccer software service can be challenging, but there are certain things to look for when doing so.

Pay Per Head Soccer Software

It’s the most wagered sport in the world and if you’re a bookie you should be offering plenty of action on soccer. If you’re not, you need to find the right pay per head soccer software that will allow you to capitalize on this huge market. 

With the rise in popularity of sports betting, there are now numerous opportunities for bookies to partner with pay per head services. Competition has forced these companies to up their game. Bookies can now choose from a myriad of sources when looking for the best pay per head soccer software.

Choosing the right one may be difficult, but it really comes down to a few simple factors.

The Soccer Betting Board

When setting your sights on a PPH service, you must consider what betting options are offered. To make the most in soccer, you will need a software service that allows you the ability to offer your players the largest number of soccer bets.

There are the traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets. Any PPH worth anything will then offer all sorts of player and team props, futures bets, and more. Bettors love options and if you want to maximize your sportsbook’s profits you’ll need to offer them.


The Pay Per Head Soccer Software Stack

Most bookies are not web developers. Let the professionals do what they do best. Choose a software platform that first offers the soccer betting odds and options you want.

Then, you need to look at things like ease of use both on the bookie’s end and the bettor’s end. The user experience should be fun, exciting, and easy. When bettors don’t get easy, they start looking for other sportsbooks.

Another key to look for is the reporting. Bookies need access to reports that will allow them to figure out how to maximize their growth. A pay per head service with a strong platform will do just that.

PPH Pricing – Don’t Cheap Out

There’s a saying “you get what you pay for” that is very true in the pay per head industry. With the amount of competition out there, there are PPH services that will offer you a $3 per head option. 

The standard in the industry is right around $10 per head. Many of the services that offer a lower per head fee will not offer bookies many of the extras that they need in order to thrive.

Make sure you know what you are getting for your per head fee. Lower price doesn’t always mean a lack of quality, but don’t step over a few dollars in order to make a few pennies.

Quality Customer Service a Must

One of the big things provided by a pay per head service is a 24/7, around-the-clock customer service call center. Your customers can contact someone at any time of day to take care of any issue they may have. 

In today’s technological age, players can email, text, and even online chat to get a problem resolved. This feature is huge as now bookies don’t have to deal with payment issues, etc. Bookies can focus on growing their business while it essentially runs on autopilot. 

Be sure this feature is offered when searching for a pay per head soccer software service.