Part of Parlay is Australia vs England Friendly 5/27

Parlays are ideal for one to include heavy chalk wagers but not to be consumed by them on the returns of the winnings.  Good morning football fans here at APEX Soccer Betting.  We look forward to the 27th of May for an international friendly of high profit potential.  Australia travels half the world to visit England.  The Three Lions have been on a hot streak with a 2-1 win over Turkey.  How heavy is the home field advantage for England here at the 2:45 PM EST start on Friday?

Power of the Parlay

The ability to tie in results of your wagers and increase the winnings if they all should come in is the power of the parlay.  This popular form of sports betting just requires a little bit of foundational knowledge to employ successfully.  We have scoured the Internet and found that here is one of the better articles out there on how to parlay your bets. One of the boons of this form of betting is that you can make it an open parlay.  Take your time and find all the steps with the best chance to win.  Proceed at your own pace to cash in on the power of the parlay.

England Super Strong Here

This is where countries try to gauge the strength of their youth.  Here we will see the next generation of English soccer players coming into their own with Sterling, Kane, and Rashford.  Australia likes to let it loose in these friendlies as they have netted 12 goals in their last two games.  The problem in these games that dont mean the most is that the travel takes the starch out of most attacks.  England has a better defense without this advantage.  So the Aussies will be game and with them trying to push the pace, plenty of counter attacking will be here on Friday.

ML on England in the three way is near -350.  Do not bet this straight up but put it in a parlay. For a single stand alone bet, the over in the totals at 3 has a good chance of coming through for less of a chalk cost.  Good fortune in your soccer speculation and do not forget to rail for England on Friday.