Olympic Soccer Free Picks

Time has come to produce our Olympic Soccer Free Picks.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  Host nation takes the field on Thursday as Brazil takes on South Africa.  Neymar is back for their national team so this should see them rapidly improve over the misfortunes they experienced in COPA 2016.  So let us have a selection for that game as well as a projection of all the medalists right now here at APEX Soccer.

Olympic Soccer Free Picks : Romp

With the flop of the World Cup still fresh in their minds, Brazil can not afford to pull the foot off of the accelerator at any point.  South Africa will be overwhelmed by the moment and the massive home field advantage.  For those that wager final scores, look for 3-0 to come in for a high level of profit.  Spread wagering of -1.5 goals is super secure in this because for one night, the former best team in the world will put their skills back on display.

Podium Projection

Teams from the hemisphere that the games are in will have a tremendous advantage.  Will Germany be able to get to the podium?  We project silver for them.  Bronze will be a battle between Colombia and Mexico.  As for the gold, Brazil is back for the time being.  The deck is stacked for them and they have many trump cards to play.  Invest in these futures right now at Americas Bookie to secure your price on profit right now.

Another major soccer event to captivate us for close to a month.  After that, the world wide leagues swing back into action.  Keep tuned to APEX Soccer Betting for all the action, reviews, and free picks to plunder the books with.  Good fortune and we will recap how our free pick went when we see you next.