Neymar Losses Appeal and Arsenal Set in Stone


Neymar No Go After Appeal Nixed

Brazil will be without their brightest star for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers.  Chile and Venezuela will not get to see Neymar in action after the appeal to reduce a four game ban has been rejected.  Brazil had hoped to argue the merits that the suspension should only be for COPA America matches since his infraction against Colombia took place there.  Three people are projected to get the lionshare of touches that he would get.  Look for Hulk, Willian, and Oscar to fill in until he returns.

Fine Tuning Arsenal

People pining for Arsenal to take the Premier League are insisting they are one move away.  It is not a substitution nor is it a transfer.  Instead it is a philosophy change that would do the trick.  Game management dictates that they can no longer go forward with the onus focused solely on their own offensive traits.  Thierry Henry has been adamant about not changing their style but this makes them an extreme known quantity.  Everyone is under the spell of what Chelsea did last year in their own mindset.  However, the players get stale and want an infusion of life and fun on the pitch.  With Arsenal not even enjoying the former success that Chelsea had means that atrophy could derail this team before it could get into gear once again.

So there we have it.  While Brazil has not slid of the map, they are even decreased more in stature since failing to win the World Cup on their home turf.  Meanwhile, Arsenal refuses to be flexible and it is hurting the strides they could be making.  EPL first is not out of th realm of possibility but they are so static that teams can optimally game plan around them.  That is it for this edition of APEX Soccer Betting.  More from the world’s favorite sport the next time we see you.