Mourinho and Chelsea Fall Again in EPL Action

Chelsea surviving group play in the Champions League was thought to be a momentum builder but EPL action saw them stall all over again.  2-1 loss to Leicester City that was all too pedestrian.  What made it worse was all the space given to Jamie Vardy. They refused to allow other people to beat them and boy did the young star bury them on Monday.  Let us at APEX Soccer Betting look and see if coach Mourinho shoulders some of the blame for another flame out by Chelsea.

Does Mourinho Man Up?

Let us look at the post game press conference quotes to see if he takes the blame for Chelsea’s latest collapse!

  • It was difficult for us and then we conceded two goals that are unacceptable to me because I know one of my best qualities is to read the game for my players.
  • The two goals are very difficult to accept. It’s a big frustration to accept because I feel like my work was betrayed, if that’s the right word.
  • It’s difficult for us to score goals when you have some players that are not at their best level and it’s obvious and everybody knows that. When you have some players, especially in some crucial positions, not at their normal level, it’s difficult.
  • It’s hard. All last season I did phenomenal work and brought them to a level that’s not their level, which is more than they really are, or this season we are doing so bad that some of the players

Vardy = All of Chelsea

Offensive fireworks are certainly missing when one man scores just as much as another club.  Jamie Vardy has fifteen goals in a stellar season for him in 2015.  Alas Chelsea has scored 18 but with three of them coming by own goals, their combined prowess equals one star from the other team.  The stodgy system is not working and worse yet is that the players do not want it.  They are open about it and this causes the coach to dig in his heels.  When it comes to this level of disfunction, one can not fire the whole team so a change is in order.  As always, Chelsea remains a fade for this EPL season until Mourinho is ousted.