Manchester United Headed Towards Chelsea Like Revolt?

Chelsea survived last season because it overachieved and won so much.  Now the world can see the decline because the players tire off phoning in the same boring but efficient matches.  Fast forward to Manchester United.  They have not slipped but are becoming plagued with more matches were nil nil is not uncommon.  Is the club on the brink of player revolt and underperforming these next two weeks?

Ghost of Dave Sexton

Even when your team is rolling does not ensure job security.  Those with long memories remember Dave Sexton. Four years and he was capable.  In the middle of a seven game unbeaten streak he was fired for having put too boring of a product on the field.  Now Van Gaal might be running the same risk.  Who would have thought the fans would get to the point of chanting attack from the opening minutes?  Few expect EPL to have the same flair as Spanish soccer but this is looking like Chelsea rebooted in Man U.

West Ham Coach Supportive

Slaven Bilic might have been a little too much self serving in his proclamation that Man U is not boring.  They host Van Gaal’s team on Saturday.  Being in eighth place, drawing the third place team would not be bad for the Ham.  In fact, they have to feel good about their chances.  Previous teams might have laid the lumber to them, but this cautious approach is wearing thin on their own players.  It is so energy intensive and will not lead to the stats that get strikers stellar deals.  Kudos to Slaven for not poking the bear in this case.

 Three way line has a draw at +369 which looks tasty.  Under 2 1/2 near -120 is better for the play it by the books cautious player.  Had this been a team more near its equal, we could see Man U phoning it in.  It will not get that bad and we predict a draw between Manchester United and West Ham on 12/5.  Good fortune with our free pick and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.