Liverpool is Lively With Departure Rumors

APEX Soccer Betting is going to delve into the morphing situation at Liverpool.  Hope is ever present when you have Brendan Rogers at the helm.  However he is putting up numbers that are slowly eroding his fan base.  Let us take a closer look at the data and see how Liverpool stacks for future wagering considerations.

Not the Favorite You Want

The most creative the wager, the increased chance that money and attention will flow in on it.  Bookies love to offer such high chalk futures such as the first to get fired from the Premier League.  Well, Mr. Rogers is now the odds on favorite to find himself being tossed out soon.  This is a direct result of spending over 290M pounds while seeing high profile defections leave Liverpool.  Suarez in 2014 and Raheem Sterling only this year.  Who knows where they are going in terms of long range plans or vision for this team.

Stats That Need to Be Corrected

  • Bottom Three in goals scored with four.  This ties them with the likes of West Brom.
  • Possession percentage has fallen over six percent in the last four seasons.
  • Chance Conversion rate of 6.7%

Problem this season is adopting the presence of star Christian Benteke’s physical styl to the possession game that Liverpool usually does.  One can see the concentrated effort being put forth on aerials as they only trail Aston Villa in this.  However, it is not creating concrete results nor goals.  The additional problem is that width is missing from the attack.  69 crosses is an almost impotent number in this league.

Pressure from Jurgen Klopp’s desire for his position can not be helping things.  A lack of productivity is one thing but when a quality candidate is crowing for his job then the burners are brought to a boil.  The former Dortmund coach has been out of the game for nearly a year but chimed in that he would be willing to return for the right EPL gig.  His work at overcoming the heavy spending Bayern Munich to win two titles puts him at the top of most wish lists.  So look for Liverpool to lose a little bit of luster in the immediate future.  Rogers is good but the allure of the Next Big Thing will make him hit the unemployment line real soon.