Lamenting Liverpool’s Future Chances

How can one deride Liverpool after starting off the season with two wins?  Compound that with relinquishing no goals and one has to really see something that would cause people to exercise caution on ths club.  Yet this is exactly what APEX Soccer Betting is doing.  We are advising our clients to get off of Liverpool right away and here are the reasons why.

Fundamental Flaw to Bite Them

  • In the midfield, there is only one gear in the minds and abilities of the players.  Defense is sorely lacking in this area and it can be cracked by even squads of average talent.

On All Cylinders and Now New Part

  • Not new but rebuilt it seems.  Daniel Sturridge is coming back at the wrong time.  Hard to say for a talent of his level but the chemistry of Liverpool is quite good right now. His legs and thighs needed quite a bit of work.  Knowing him, he will not want to be eased in and contention will flourish.

So look to Arsenal to pull one out against this Liverpool squad.  The mid field is where the mis matches occur.  Team total goals and the three line win for Arsenal should be bet.  Stay tuned next time for another Free Pick from the minds of APEX Soccer Betting.