Juventus at Manchester City Free Pick 11 25

An injury to the hamstring area is notable and thus it surprised us at APEX Soccer Betting how many Sergio Aguero has had.  In truth, we could not count that high and had to do hardcore research to come up with a number.  That is what makes us very hesitant in seeing Manchester City advance this year.  Join us at APEX Soccer as we delve more into the truth of Sergio’s hamstring and how Man C is so invested in it.

July 2011

First task was to differentiate between other injuries and the ones to his hamstring.  There have been eight separate occasions that this tender muscle has been tweaked or pulled resulting in him missing time since July 2011.  What else is that twenty three is the number of maladies that he has suffered through since this time with his stint at Man C.  Even after all of this, his bounceback is incredible.  He won the Golden Boot for the Premier League after thirty two goals in his forty one apperances last year.

Part Attrition and the Rest Style

Managers all around the EPL have had to start managing minutes for their stars.  With all their time in different games for club and country, the bodies are just wearing out because of the demand.  Put that with the Rafa Nadal type of torque he inflicts his body with and it is incredible he does not have more time on the shelf.  Know this that when the end comes, the diminishing of his skills will be just like Nadal’s in tennis.

Juventus comes a calling to Manchester City after their 1-0 victory against Milan.  This is where Juventus is going to start to steam roll.  With Sergio still sort of gimpy, Manchester City is a sure bet not to win.  The Draw or Juventus are the only options for their game on 11 25.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.