Inventory Influx of Significant Talent

Apex Soccer Betting is proud to bring you the best of action that soccer has to offer.  Through one of our primary sports book outs, America’s Bookie, we will examine what goes on the field so we can all make profit.  The love of the game, a good pint, and potential for more pocket change makes wagering soccer one of the most enjoyable actions a fan can do.  Let us start with our eyes toward England.  Which teams did the necessary moves to get the correct talent to their team?



  • Arsenal has Gabriel coming from Villarreal with a hefty price tag.
  • Aston Villa gets Carles Gil from Valencia rather cheaply.
  • Chelsea grabs Juan Cuadrado from Fiorentina of the Italian leagues
  • Crystal Palace has a lot of small moves with Jordon Mutch being the highlight of this from QPR.
  • Leicester Raids Rijeka for Andrej Kramaric.
  • Manchester City gets Bony from Swansea but it cost a boatload.
  • South Hampton finalizes Ryan Bertrand deal which makes the loan from Chelsea permanent.

FA Cup Pastry

American sports have been criticized for arranging easy matchups at the start for the Titans of their sport.  The FA Cup seems to have followed suit as Machester United takes on Cambridge United.  This goes beyond biblical mismatches.  Elite Premier and the also rans will be on display at their worst in this one.  Until this year, CU has been playing non league soccer.  Take a peek at the money differential.

  • 126 M pounds for the top tier per team on average spent
  • 2.46 M pounds on a team in the forth tier.

Couple with this that Cambridge just moved up and it will be a slaughter.

A little bit more about the South Hampton signing of Bertrand.  10M pounds seems steep but he has done even more than the club hoped for Luke Shaw.  From an economic stand point, it makes perfect sense.  They shift dead weight in Shaw at 32 M pounds.  This gives SH the flexibility it needs for even more shrewd moves.  In an age of over spending, this economic deftness is to be appreciated.

So there we stand in this edition of the Apex Soccer Betting website.  We shall be back before Saturday to take not only a look at the action but provide our readers with a few Free Picks.  We are hard at work already to bring you the profit you so richly deserve.  Until next time, good fortune.