Hull Haunted By Stain


Technicality Stuns Hull

Cue Kenny Loggins as Hull is now in the “Danger Zone.”  Burnley cashed in on a favorable matchup in the corner to nip Hull 1-0.  Michael Dawson is integral to those defensive formations but was forced to go off at the 62nd minute.  Blood on his shirt caused a rule to be in effect that made him go to the touch line to change uniforms.  Minus the center-half, the goal was a formality really.  Hull had no one to blame for themselves as their energy was lethargic the whole game.  Only Robbie Brady showed some spirit hitting the bar twice from a pair of free kicks.  With this, Hull is two points away from a safe spot if relegation were today.

Learning From Man U

A 2-1 win against Crystal Palace is just average until you take into consideration the slide that Man U was in.  Fourth place is all but mathematically clinched.  Knowing this, Van Gaal can look at some of these alterations to put into effect.

  • LOL at Rooney taking penalties.  He is just awful in this phase of the game compared to other stars.
  • Leadership at the top of this team is lacking.  When Rooney left the game, Louis had to think long and hard about having Wayne still captain from the bench.  Other than Chris Smalling, the prospects are bleak for a go to guy in rallying the troops on this team.

Finally our hats our off to Sunderland for getting out of the drop zone.  A 2-0 win got them all the way up to 14th until the day’s action cleared.  The game was a half time scoreless drought when Sunderland opened the scoring nine minutes into the second half.  Viewers knew it was their night as an Everton player  had a solo run for the ages to go one on one with the netminder.  His angle of approach was good but he jerked it wide.  For a team so down in the Premier League, Sunderland played a complete game with only that one hiccup.  They are to be commended for their effort.  Tune in early next week at Apex Soccer Betting as we have more relegation wagers for the Premier League.