How to Bet on Soccer

If the whole world was taken into account, betting on soccer is by far one of the most commonly undertaken types of sports betting. Many people in the U.S., especially the betting fanatics, would find it hard to believe that in Europe, wagering on soccer is comparable to professional football betting in America. Yes, betting on soccer is that popular in the European continent.

Soccer wagering is roughly synonymous with betting on professional baseball or the National Hockey League games when it comes to the use of what is referred to as the money line.

But there exists one major distinction between betting on soccer and baseball wagering. The former allows you to not only place your bet on either opposing team in a match but also to wager on the outcome of the game being a tie or a draw. The fact that one can bet on a tie game means that when you decide to place your bet on a particular soccer team then the team has to win the match, else you will lose your stake.

Forms of Soccer Bets

The most common types of betting on soccer are represented in this format: 1, X, 2 with 1 standing for a win for the home or host team, X for the two opponents drawing and 2 representing a win for the away or visiting team.

1X means that you have bet for home team win or a draw; X2 stands for a draw or away team win.
When a bettor says 1 @ 2.15, it means that he or she is wagering on the host team winning and the odds are 2.15. In this case, if his or her stake money was $10, and his or her prediction came true, then he will have won $21.50 ($10 x 2.15) and earned a profit of $11.50.

Some Examples of Soccer Lines

Typically, the odds on a soccer game would be looking like this:

* Rotherham United (- 182)
* Draw (+ 230)
* Forest Green (+ 450)

In the example shown above, if you decided to place your bet on Rotherham United winning, you will be risking $18.20 in order to have a chance to win $10. Conversely, if you settled on Forest Green to win the game, you would be risking only $10 to stand a chance of winning $45. If you bet on the game ending in a draw, then you will be risking $10 for an opportunity to earn $23. Note that since you can place a bet on a tie game, your favorite team must defeat their opponent; else you will forsake the money you staked.

Betting odds for another match would be like this:

* Bristol Rovers (+ 140)
* Draw (+ 220)
* Leyton Orient (+ 150)

In the scenario shown above, both opposing teams are underdogs, a situation that is not possible in a game of baseball or the NHL due to the possibility of a tie game.

Others Forms of Soccer Betting

Many soccer matches do have a total — i.e. over/under – posted such that they allow a bettor to either wager over a particular number of goals or under a particular number of goals. A most commonly used figure for such kinds of soccer bets is 2.5. This means that if you picked the over as your wagering choice your favorite team would require to score their opponents a minimum of three goals for you to win the money. On the other hand, if you decided to wager on the under, then the team you have picked must score a maximum of two goals against their opponents for you to win your bet.

Some other soccer games do also allow proposition bets, or props, to be made. These include the particular time the first goal is scored by either tem; the team that becomes the first to score; or which team is ahead of the other by the time the halftime whistle is blown. Such kinds of wager could be really profitable to you as a bettor if you are extremely well-informed on the teams that you will be placing your wagers on.

What we just discussed above entailed all about the fundamentals of betting on soccer. I am sure you will now have an easier time plunging yourself into the entertaining and rewarding world of soccer wagering, and especially so if you are knowledgeable in money line betting. All the best!