Hope Solo Crass Coward Comment as US Bounced

When the USWNT in soccer losses, Hope Solo’s crass coward comment brought the invincible aura of the American ladies to the basement.  Great to see everyone here at APEX Soccer Betting.  Group action had just concluded with the USA team crushing the opposition in the RIO Summer Games. Quarterfinal action in the knockout stage had them heavily favored over Sweden.  Let us see the fallout of this 1-1 4-3 PK loss by the USA.

Classless is Hope Solo

Losing is understandable but not having enough restraint to vent on Twitter about it opens up the door for criticism.  Here is what Julie Foudy had to say about it.  She is a two time gold medalist on this same women’s soccer team.  So she has been there and done that for the USA.



Solo should be retiring soon so this eases the pickle that the US organizing body for soccer has been put in.  The IOC indicated that there will be no sanctions as this was attributed in their minds as just bad sportsmanship.  Emotions out of control with no lasting damage to the integrity of the game.  How this differs from the witch hunt the same body did on the Judo participant who would not shake the hand of the opponent after a match is an odd stance to take?  So the favorites are out of the womens side of this Olympic event!

Best team in the world and three time defending gold medalists are gone.  This is the upset potential and big paydays that are to be seen at Americas Bookie.  Embrace your country of choice, back them with a bet, and rake in the profit and good feelings of nationalism.  Good fortune in your ventures for the day and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.