Gold Cup Free Pick : Can Mexico put Costa Rica to Rest?

For close to a year, Costa Rica has not had a win of note.  A change in leadership has left them floundering as whole sale changes were being adjusted to.  No longer do they have that iron backfield that allowed them to counter attack with impunity.  Now they face the national team from Mexico wanting to put to bed their disappointment from the last World Cup.  We have seen some blowouts already in the Gold Cup Quarters with the USA leading the way with a 6-0 win over Cuba.  Will Mexico provide us with this style of cover or will the Ticos awaken from the doldrums they find themselves mired in?

EL Tri let in Four 

Ah the talent of Mexico got it in their heads to score goals.  How do soccer players avoid the chopping block from their teams?  That is to score goals and blame the backfield.  This was the recipe for a four four draw against Trinidad and Tobago.  How bad is it for Mexico?  They could not win a group with them, Tnt, Guatemala, and Cuba.  This is extremely disappointing but history will be forgotten if they can make it at least to the final of this Gold Cup.  Three goals let in in a period of thirteen minutes illustrates that a team that still has to rely on a 36 year old Rafa Marquez is vulnerable.

Gift of Gifts in the Totals

So we have a Mexican team bent on scoring with little interest in protecting their back side.  A Costa Rican tea in danger of a tenure change again if they continue on their course.  The Ticos can score but were loathe to drop the hammer after letting two goals up in their tie with Jamaica.  Both teams think they can outscore the other and know this is their best course of action.  Let us peek at the total to get our free pick.

Over two for the game is -128.  The team total for Costa Rica is at 1/2 goal and that is where you strike. Combine this -130 to your parlays today.  Both teams will take chances and have holes in their defense.  Good fortune in our free pick and we will talk to you tomorrow here at Apex Soccer Betting.