Gerard Pique Derails Barcelona with Verbal Attack on Mother

This time at APEX Soccer Betting we look at two of the elite clubs in all of the world.  One has lost a key cog in the backfield as he misfired his mouth at the wrong time.  On the other end of the spectrum, there is a club that when frustrated with the results in the field has almost limitless resources to get back to snuff.  So read on whom might be a totals fade and which team could always grasp the next transfer right now on APEX Soccer.\

Intensity Taken Too Far

We have cautioned our readers in the past that being too intense with sports can have an adverse effect.  For us, our calm views go on tilt and we haphazardly plunk down money to recoup our losses.  On the pitch, it is the same thing.  Take Gerard Pique whom plays defense for Barcelona.  He was not enamored with the way the lineman was handling his affairs and decided to take verbal abuse up a few notches where hooligans fear to tread.  Insinuating a unsavory placement of excrement with the official’s mother was the last straw and got him escorted from the game.  Now he better find some comments not so wayward to avoid getting up to a twelve match suspension for his antics.  Keep this in mind as he is most certainly not a role player on the backside for Barcelona.

Why Man U Pumps Up the Payroll

Incentive clauses are nothing new to professional sports and Manchester United certainly makes good use of them. For them, if they make the group stage of the Champions League then the money making machine takes off.    We are talking about premium sponsorship deals as well as other increases in revenue streams.  One prominent American motor brand has inked an incentive that gives 53 million British Pounds each year they qualify.  Addias broke the bank over the decade with a 750 million pound deal with the club.  This indeed bolsters their presence in the transfer market as they can absorb the fees and use smaller clubs as an almost farm system to pluck and choose the very best from.  Rarely should you doubt the intent to field a quality unit here.  This almost makes the New York Yankees look cheap in comparison.