Free Fall of FIFA

Soccer has been stood on its ear by the allegations of wide spread corruption.  It is not the surprise that it happened but that the US government stepped in to take over the investigation.  Even their impartiality has been called into question as they were in second place behind Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.  So why does the organization in charge of world wide soccer even exist?  Apex Soccer Betting looks into the case of how FIFA and soccer are no longer symbiotic and why fans and the sport in general would be better off dumping FIFA to the curve.

1,000 Deaths

More than a blind eye has gone on for all the fatalities in the crews constructing the stadiums in Qatar.  Forced labor at best and more than likely bordering on slavery, the workers have their passports held ransom by the bosses until the whole endeavor is completed.  The reason why FIFA did not step in besides ample notice of these shameful actions is because it would not benefit FIFA to do so.  If it does not directly translate to the well being of FIFA then it wants little to do with it.  This is one of the largest old boys networks still in existence.

Red Card to FIFA

Even with the mobs storming the gate, FIFA has not considered deposing their president.  Sepp Blatter is issuing defiant double speak and will not consider stepping down.  Ironically some of the more forward thing companies to ditch the soccer organization reside outside of the USA.  Sony has had enough.  Emirates which is a large sponsor for the Euro Leagues has started to distance themselves from FIFA.  Meanwhile, the American symbol that is McDonals has done little to come out against this scandal.  It is time to depose FIFA.

When you can not maintain the rules of the game nor organize a World Cup without bribery then it is time to go.  Most of the soccer world is essentially decentralized.  If someone could come up with a viable alternative, the time to wrest the World Cup from FIFA is on hand.  Apex Soccer Betting will come back to wagering next time as we wait for all the chips to fall in this latest World Cup scandal.