Finding the Best Sportsbook for the World Cup

For soccer fans the World Cup is the holy grail of soccer events. It simply doesn’t get any bigger than this and it only happens once every 4 years. This year’s events are being hosted by Russia and they are putting on the ritz. Nothing is being held back by the Russians and the venues are top notch and state of the art. This event is where every young soccer player dreams of playing one day and for Messi and Ronaldo, their dreams have come true. There are a few teams that didn’t make the cut this year such as the United States and Chili. Both of these countries have great national soccer teams but it wasn’t in the cards this time. There are however some fantastic clubs playing such as Germany (the odds on favorite), France, Argentina (Messi) and Portugal (Ronaldo).

Become a bookie for the World Cup – Becoming a Bookie has never Been Easier

With 32 teams going in what’s a double elimination tournament, this is the soccer version of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This is serious and there will be action all day long for a solid month. The World Cup kicks off the events on June 14th and ends on July 15th.

World Cup Right around the Corner | Great Betting Options

Every team has a shot, don’t believe it, just ask Costa Rica. The national team from Costa Rica lived the dream in the last World Cup and finished in the semifinals. It was indeed a dream scenario for this young club and they had a very legitimate chance to win the World Cup but it wasn’t meant to be. Four years have passed and Costa Rica has once again made it in. How far will they make it or is there another small country that can make an impact? Check out the latest odds to win the 2018 World Cup. Where does your team land?

Germany 9/2
Brazil 5/1
France 6/1
Spain 7/1
Argentina 8/1
Belgium 12/1
England 16/1
Portugal 25/1
Colombia 25/1
Uruguay 25/1
Russia 33/1
Croatia 33/1
Poland 40/1
Mexico 80/1
Switzerland 80/1
Sweden 80/1
Denmark 80/1
Serbia 125/1
Senegal 125/1
Nigeria 150/1
Egypt 150/1
Peru 150/1
Japan 200/1
Iceland 200/1
Australia 200/1
Morocco 250/1
Costa Rica 250/1
Iran 250/1
Tunisia 500/1
South Korea 500/1
Saudi Arabia 750/1
Panama 750/1

What the professional bettors look for when choosing a sportsbook for soccer:

  1. Quickness and reliability of payouts.
  2. Reviews, they depend on other gamblers opinions.
  3. A great reputation for honesty and transparency.
  4. Ease of deposit options.
  5. Lines and odds, are they competitive and do thy give you the gambler, an edge?
  6. Wagering options, what do they offer, do they offer all the standard ways of betting on soccer and what about prop odds, do they offer a great menu?
  7. Player bonuses, do they offer great ones and will they work with you on rollover amounts?
  8. Customer service, do they have a toll free hotline to call and do they speak great English? What about the clerks do they have a great working knowledge of sports gambling (many do not)?
  9. Do they have great contests? Everybody wants to win something for free. Find a bookie that offers player contests.
  10. A user friendly website that makes betting a snap and up time. Are they always up and running or do they experience a lot of down time?

What Happens to Pay Per Heads Now that Sports Gambling is Legal in the US?

Check with your favorite online book maker for all of the latest odds to win the World Cup. If you do not have an online sportsbook for soccer or are looking to add a new one to your portfolio, keep these helpful tips in mind.