Fade and Tail for November Soccer Wagering

A team to embrace and another to fade gives the desired wagering balance to fans. What good is it to root for the hero unless there is a villain to disdain? In today’s edition of APEX Soccer Betting, we present a team that is going to set to soar in the next few weeks. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a La Liga team might finally feel the full weight of the expectations that are always pressed upon them. Front and center are the managers in this so join us now as APEX tackles these issues and pronounces their tail and fade for the month of November.

Immediate Effect of Klopp

Liverpool just did not seem to be on but dominant against Tottenham Hotspur. The opening match with Jurgen Klopp at the helm did not disappoint. A scoreless draw is hardly ever associated with the word riveting but the action was definitely fierce and one sided. What seemed different than in games past was that this team immediately took the reflection of the coach. Aspects such as aggressive pressing and the distances they had to cover were apparent to all. Hordes of players seemed to surround every ball handler that Tottenham had. Not only in offense but the sheer miles they ran on defense was impressive. Most importantly is the possession ratio is back over fifty percent. They had much more than the usual thirty percent or so under the previous regime. Look for big things as this mindset cements in Liverpool.

Some Support for RM Managers

Few teams seem to be more at the whim of the public as Real Madrid. Winning football is not enough as the Spanish style has to be embraced. We did a piece a few weeks ago where a draw against Atletico was blasted. This despite the positioning near the top of La Liga and the Champions League. Now former superstar Hristo Stoichov chimes in to say that RM should just go with no manager. Always with Barcelona in his heart, he blasts RM on the local radio saying that no one on Earth could fill the lofty expectations there and pander to the crowd. Carlo Ancelottia won the Champions League and decided to call it quits two years later because of all of the headaches associated with the job. In the end, unless the manager is given carte blanche, Real Madrid might be your fade to profit on in November.