Explaining Soccer Betting Markets

A betting market is the collection of odds that a sportsbook offers to players. There are tons of bets that can be placed on soccer, so it’s important to understand how they work. Here are some of the most popular odds on the soccer betting markets.


Final Result

This is simply picking the result of a contest outright. With the final result, players have three options: Home Victory, Away Victory, or Draw. This is the bet that yields the most victories for knowledgeable bettors but is also the most restrictive.

Double Chance

A double chance bet is a great alternative to the final result. Instead of betting one outcome straight up, you take two for smaller odds. You won’t win as much money, but you’ll have a better betting record.


Betting the total is one of the most common soccer betting markets, making the over/under very self-explanatory. You either pick over or under a certain number of goals that a top soccer sportsbook chooses. The number for most contests is typically 2.5.

If you choose the over and three goals are scored, you win. This is one of the most popular ways of betting because you’re relying on both teams for help.

Correct Score

Choosing the correct score is an extremely difficult bet to hit on. If you are successful, this can result in a large payout. 

Depending on the score you choose, your odds will change. No matter what you pick, though, you’ll be rewarded if you make the right score.

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Pay for sports picks for better betting results

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European Handicap (EH)

Like all sports, soccer can be very lopsided. The European handicap gives underdogs goals to start a contest to entice bettors to wager dogs.

Example: A dog starts handicapped by three goals. If you pick them to win, at the end of the contest, you’ll add three to their score. That will be the result that your bet is based on. 

Asian Handicap (AH)

The Asian handicap is the same as the European handicap with one difference. There can be half numbers in the AH, but the EH is always a round number. 

Example: A dog starts handicapped at 3.5. If they get beat by three and that score is added, you win. 

If it was an EH at a handicap of 3, it would be a push. There are never draws with an AH, but this isn’t the case for EH bets.

Clean Sheet

This is when you pick a goalkeeper in a contest to not let up a single goal. If they post a shutout, you win. If they let up a single goal, you lose. All you need are a few soccer betting tips to get you on the way to successful wagers.

To Win to Nil

This is picking a winner and saying that the other team will be shut out. If you pick the correct winner, but the losing team isn’t shut out, you lose your wager.

Winning Margin

This is a fancy name for the winning spread. If you bet a team at -2.5, they must win by three goals for your bet to hit. 

These are a few of the bets in soccer betting markets. Soccer betting is no different than wagering any other sport. You need to do research on betting markets to have long-term success.