EPL Trends : Best Players So Far This Season 9/6

Focus on the positive in our EPL Trends here at APEX Soccer Betting.  We are looking to see whom were the best players so far this young season.  Two surprises have reasserted themselves.  One is new to the league but an old soul in the game.  The other disappeared for a season and traveled the world.  Who are these two players?  Let us see why their starts are so special right now here at APEX Soccer.

EPL Trends : 34 Years Old

This player has an iron will and a splendid fitness regime.  He is advanced in this category and many others. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made his way to Manchester United and is paying off immediate dividends.  He has three goals in his first three games.  Not only that but he has flair in doing so.  His legs are spry.  An acrobatic player who can punch it in from anywhere.  He will wear down late in the season as do most players his age but he has been the reason to watch and rail Man U this season.

Chelsea Fans Are Happy

One of their main men are back and he is in good form right away.  Eden Hazard weaves through traffic like few others can.  His absence was part of the reason Chelsea got pounded last year.  Hazard saw the world, back packed through a couple of countries, and even make the trek across the pond to the US.  This seemed to infuse him with even more vitality.  He has two goals and we anticipate his output level will be more consistent all season in comparison to Ibrahimovic.

August is in the books and these two players have certainly help their teams do well.  Shame that we all grow old but 34 is near the terminal stage of a career in a long EPL season.  Hazard could have Chelsea back up to their heights two years ago.  He should be a pillar for a stronger foundation for their football club this season.  Good fortune with your sporting investments and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer.